aged care interior design

As our society ages and more baby boomers transition into retirement, the demand for senior care and hospice facilities will increase.


Over the past decade, the approach to care for the elderly and nursing homes has changed dramatically. Attention has moved away from the traditional medical or hospital setting to designs that resemble living spaces and hospitality.


There is a growing need for nursing homes and senior housing that provide residents with an environment designed to improve their quality of life. With so many of our loved ones entering these spaces, it’s important to create a welcoming and safe environment.


Today, it is often the children of baby boomers who decide to buy for their parents. They have modern tastes and look for hotel-style spaces rather than traditional ones.


Within our company we have developed strong relationships with specialist companies and organisations who supply a carefully selected range of products, including lighting, flooring and furniture this ensures a safe and comfortable environment inside for the residents.


Similarly, there has been significant changes in the design of higher care facilities.