aged care interior design

With our society getting older, and more and more baby boomers moving into retirement, demand is increasing for aged care and seniors facilities.


The design for aged care and seniors facilities has changed over the last decade, with design briefs moving from the traditional medical or hospital type facility  to designs  of a more residential and hospitality design.


The demand for aged care facilities and seniors housing offering environments that enhance peoples lives is growing, and with more of our family members entering them, there is a need to create and provide more welcoming, safe surroundings. 


Frequently, it is the baby boomer children of seniors, who are making the buying decision for their parents, and they come with a contemporary taste, and eschew  the old model, looking for a more hotel like environment and less traditional  environment.


We have strong connections with specialist companies and organisations providing correctly specified products, such as lighting, flooring and furniture to ensure both a comfortable and safe atmosphere.


Similarly, high care facilities have had a change in design.