Commercial Interior Design

Flourish specialises in the commercial interior design of cafes, restaurants, corporations, offices, hotels, resorts, conference centres, hospitality centres, medical and health care facilities, hospitals and more.

commercial interior design using bright colours
use of colour in commercial interior design


Our clients have big aspirations and even greater expectations. Flourish Interior Design always puts the client first.  It is the goals of our commercial business clients that propel us into creative action.  Each client gets a personal consultation to assess goals, aesthetics, style, image, needs of existing and intended clients, and budget considerations.  Flourish Interior Design will then present the client with our commercial design concept.


Award winning commercial interior designer


Flourish Interior Design enjoys a varied range of commercial design projects. From Hotels and resorts, to offices, hospitals and healthcare facilities, cafes and restaurants — Flourish Interior Design does it all.



Whether your project is just a makeover of a reception area or hallway in your hotel, a full refurbishment of existing facilities or a full fit out of new premises, Flourish Interior Design is very experienced in commercial projects.


With a strong team of professional craftsman and tradesman, our comprehensive list of services and collaborative designers are available for all projects.


Irrespective of what mood, aesthetic or image you want to create for your project, refurbishment, or fit out, Flourish Interior Design has the design solution that will boost job satisfaction and staff productivity.

image of main bar of lucky hotel interior design project
main bar of lucky hotel redevelopment

timber taken from art gallery and re-cycled
sustainability in commercial interior design and recycling


Sustainability in Commercial Design


Australians are very conscious of their environment. Increasingly, businesses are converting to sustainable practises and the use of sustainable products.  The use of sustainable products has environmental, social and economic benefits, whilst supporting local businesses.


Flourish Interior Design strongly supports this global issue and is highly skilled in the practise of re-use and re-purposing materials within projects.  The craftsman and tradesman whom we use are skilled in this practice, and where possible, adopt a sustainable approach to the projects.


"Creativity, tenacity, expertise, and the ability to think outside of the box, are crucial to create an environment that starts, once the design and construction processes end"