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Or it will have soon. Why do we change our shorts to jeans and ditch the cold brew coffee but forget to prepare our homes for winter?


While we are still experiencing the beautiful Easter weather of crisp mornings and warm sunny days, it is the perfect time to get the house ready for the cozy autumn season.


There’s no need to redesign our houses or have a storage unit full of ‘change of season’ furniture. We can do a few small things that make a huge difference.


1.    Change your bedding


Image via CEDAR + SUEDE: ‘Tallebudgera Reno’




a simple and relatively inexpensive way to completely change the appearance and feel of your bedroom. By selecting a new quilt cover, perhaps in a washed linen and/or earthy tone you bring a sense of warmth into the room. Pair this with a crisp white sheet and you have created a crisp and cozy mood ready for the perfect Sunday sleep-in.



1.    Showcase your natural timber furniture


Image via Pinterest: Source Unknown



Timber is a naturally stunning feature year round but creates the ideal atmosphere for those colder months. Don’t rush out and buy new furniture. You will most likely have some timber pieces in your home already. Maybe move them? Make them more present in a room or feature them with your favourite styling items. Not sure how to? Throw your ‘go to’ autumn knit over the closest timber stool in the room and you’re all done.



1.    Layer

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Possibly the easiest trick in the interior design book. Layer everything! Whether it be multiple throws or numerous cushions (empty that secret cushion cupboard), layering is not only stylish but also practical. Layering soft furnishing adds a textural component to a room but also provides a plethora of options to cuddle up under, as the afternoons get darker. Look for different textures to pile up; this will create a more poignant and beautiful effect.

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