Scandinavian Design

I must delare that Scandinavian Design is really close to my heart and one of my favourites.


Scandinavian Design commenced around the mid 1950's in countries such as Finland, Sweden, Denmark & Norway.


Its main distinguishing features are minimalism, simplicity, functionality, and understatement.


It is not one particular design but characterized as several design styles.


The idea for Scandinavian design came about that common every day objects should not be only affordable for the wealthy.


Post WW11 was when Scandinavian design really came to the forefront with the need & emergence of low cost materials and ways to mass-produce products.


The main elements of Scandinavian design are plastics, enameled aluminium, pressed wood and pressed steel.


Just like art, design is heavily influenced by the social & political landscape.


Art & Design are two elements that stay relevant to a period in time, it outlives its social landscape.


Scandinavian design can be described as classic, refined, understated, as a style having classic and refined look that can be easily achieved. The only things that you need are wooden material, white, blues, greys, simple lighting, and layers of white cream floorboards.


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