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The lifeblood of commercial office and workplace design is the ability to understand the clients brief, and to produce their vision and brand through the creative process. Crucially, this needs to be balanced with the physical and practical restraints of the environment within which the project is to take place.  This process requires careful planning and is why it is important to work with an experienced office interior designer who will ensure your brief is met.


Flourish Interior Design has extensive experience in commercial and office design and is one of Newcastle and the Hunter Valley’s leading office design companies.   

A well-designed interior space has extraordinary effects on our wellness and productivity. Flourish’s design solutions use the elements such as space, shape, colour and light, combined with materials as tools to create healthy environments that enhance performance.


We create bespoke interiors; furniture and textiles tailored to our client’s vision, from the most humble spaces, to the most sophisticated cutting edge designs for the modern office environment.


Spacial planning in Interior Design
Spacial planning - view on to Advertising Agency

The design process we use is the same, regardless of the size of the project, whether a small or medium sized office design and fit out, to a large-scale full office refurbishment. 




It is important for us to get a feel for your business and discuss the requirements for your environment.  Understanding a client’s culture, and the business drivers is important in creating a positive and productive environment. Together, we will share ideas to begin the design process.




Gaining an understanding of what you need from your office design now, and going forward is important, and importantly, once design starts. Flourish will work closely with you to reach the approved concept.


Costs, timings and resources will be discussed and agreed upon, and adhered to throughout the project.


It is not uncommon for design changes to occur once the actual build or installation phase commences.  This situation can occur for any number of reasons.  These are discussed and agreed as the project progresses.


build & installation phase

Flourish maintains strong working partnerships with leading craftsman and tradesman.  Working to the approved designs, our professional craft and tradesman will work on-site to carry out the fit-out or office refurbishment with minimal disruption to day-to-day activities.


project management

Delivering your project efficiently, on time, within budget, and to the highest quality with minimal disruptions to day-to-day life is a tall order.

From concept to completion, the often complicated fabrication / installation stage requires management so that the project runs smoothly and a successful outcome is achieved.


An effective project management makes sure everything comes together.  The style needs to be firm, but flexible enough to adapt to unforeseen events. There is no such thing as the perfect project and events do occur.

attention to detail is everything


Flourish ensures an on time and on budget outcome through regular on-site meetings, managing tradespeople, co-ordination of product orders, and effective troubleshooting of issues that may arise during your interior design project.



Once the build stage is completed, and office furniture installed, Flourish will ensure that all work has been completed to a high level, ensuring a quality job right down to the last detail.



We pride ourselves on the high level of repeat custom from our existing clients. With every client, we strive to build a long-term relationship based on trust, honest, excellent customer service and great results.


To learn more about how we can help lower your anxiety and exceed expectations on your interior design project, call us today on 0431 304133.